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Pet Fencing

Freedom Fence makes it easy to guard your dog against the perils associated with spending time in your yard unattended. We're the region's leading choice for proven wireless pet fencing systems that allow your beloved pet to go outside and get the exercise they crave without requiring constant supervision.

Reach us at (203) 948-5367 to learn more about our dog containment fencing systems and what makes us the best choice for installation and continuing customer care.

Explore Cost-Effective Pet Fencing Solutions

An Invisible Fence for Dogs Works to Guard Your Pup Against Harm

When you want to protect your beloved companion without investing in a physical fencing system that may obstruct the view from your property or violate your community's shared agreements, our invisible fences are the perfect choice. With only a five-hour installation time, you can have this system in place in less than a day.

Say goodbye to worrying about your pup breaking free from your yard and interacting with traffic, strangers, or the local dog catcher. Say hello to the peace of mind you can attain with the best dog-guarding wireless fence in place.

Here's an example of what our clients have to say about the quality of our products and services:

Lyndsey Arone

1 review

a month ago

Service: Dog fence installation

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We used Freedom Fence for our 2 dogs and they were excellent! Extremely professional and responsive. Elpidio installed our fence and was extremely knowledgeable and trained our dogs in one day. Can't thank you enough for keeping them safe!

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Installing an Electric Dog Fence

To install an electric dog fence, we consult with you to learn more about the specific boundaries you'd like to put in place. Then, we'll propose an estimate and pick an installation time and date that work best for you.

Here's how our installation process works:

  • We use trenching machinery to create a slit in the ground, with the fencing wire following the machine.
  • In areas with pavement, we use a cutoff saw to create a narrow slit in driveways, walkways, and paths.
  • Depending on the location, we close the slit with earth or an asphalt seal.
  • We outfit your dog with a wireless collar.
  • We train you and your pup on how to use the fencing system and help you select the most appropriate correction level.
  • We offer continuing support once our installation work is complete.

Wireless Fencing Solutions with On-Going Customer Support

Let us help you choose the best dog perimeter fence for the job. With our proven technology, streamlined installation services, and training and support, we're confident you'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing your dog is under the silent watch of advanced technology designed to keep them out of harm's way.

Here are some of the perks of choosing our products and installation services:

  • Low battery notification
  • Lifetime training assistance
  • Complimentary lightning protection service
  • Broken wire notification
  • Access to our free loaner program
  • ...and much more!

Work with Freedom Fence for the Best Wireless Pet Containment Systems

Freedom Fence has spent 25 years working with dogs of all temperaments, breeds, and sizes. As dog lovers, we take great pride in helping fellow pet families select and install the best invisible fencing systems.

Call us at (203) 948-5367 for the answers to all your questions about using a wireless electric fence and collar system to keep your canine companions safe in your yard.