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What to Expect

  1. A Freedom Fence installer/trainer will visit you and your dog to discuss how this amazing system works for your property.
  2. Instead of traditional fencing, a 14-gauge wire will be buried inches underground to define your pet's boundary. Rest assured that our specialized equipment ensures minimal disturbance to your yard and grounds.
  3. A transmitter is installed in your garage, shed or in your home. This equipment produces a low frequency radio-like signal which travels through the wire. The current is low...similar to flashlight batteries, so there's no risk of shock if the wire is accidentally cut. A uniform signal is guaranteed because this equipment is designed with a signal range adjustment, power indicator, loop indicator and patented loop tuner to ensure a uniform signal.
  4. Your pet will be compatibly fitted with a 360° Omni Directional radio receiver collar which will pick up the signal from the wire when he/she gets too near.
  5. A professional Freedom Fence installer/trainer will do an initial training of your pet (you will be asked to participate), defining the roaming boundary by introducing visual cues (blue boundary flags) accompanied a verbal and physical correction (via the collar command).
  6. If necessary, you will then be equipped to easily take over the remaining period of pet training or have us do additional training sessions at no cost to you. After approximately 15 minutes a day of training over short period of time your dog will be trained. Once the containment system has been installed, your dog will understand exactly where he/she is free to roam.
  7. How does it work? Your pet will approach the boundary flags. The receiver on its collar will pick up the signal and emit a warning sound to remind your dog that the boundary is near.
  8. Should your pet continue forward, he/she will receive a correction through the collar. Your pet has been trained to understand that the warning signal provides enough time to turn back safely within the boundary.
  9. Once trained, your pet will seldom, if ever, receive a correction and will remember and avoid the boundary.


Freedom Fence gives you and your dog many worry-free years together to enjoy outdoor play. The highly advanced pet containment system electronically transmits a harmless barrier that keeps your dog within the limits of your yard and away from any hazardous or carefully landscaped areas.

Our veterinarian-approved pet containment system uses a combination of advanced technology, customized installation and custom training to keep your pets in your yard and out of danger. Underground hidden outdoor pet containment systems work in practically any size yard (up to 25 acres) and are designed to meet the specific needs of your dog and family. Our pet containment success rate and customer satisfaction is over 99%. Freedom Fence has successfully trained dogs of every breed, size, age and temperament on our dog fencing for over 15 years in the greater Stamford, CT; Westport, CT; Greenwich, CT; and Danbury, CT areas.

Installing Electronic Pet Fences Across Westchester and Putnam Counties in New York, as well as New Haven, Litchfield & Fairfield Counties in CT