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The Transmitter

The Transmitter transmits the low frequency radio signal through the wire loop around the boundaries you choose. The Transmitter can be attached to a wall or shelf in a shed or garage. It is attached to the transformer which plugs into a normal 110-volt AC outlet. The Loop tuner dial indicates that the radio signal is being transmitted. The Red Loop Signal Light indicates whether or not there is a break in the pet fence wire. The green light indicates that the power is connected to the system. The Range Dial, which is adjustable, sets the correction zone (the distance between the boundary flags and the final boundary wire).

The Transformer

The 12-volt transformer plugs into the 110-AC outlet and the Transmitter is used to ensure that the correct low power is available to the system.

Boundary Wire

14-gauge Direct Burial boundary wire forms the wire loop to carry the radio signal of the pet fence.

Boundary Flags

Small blue flags are installed to give your dog a visible reference for the boundary created by the wire loop. These are especially necessary for the initial pet fence training period.

The Receiver Collar

The patented 360' Omni Directional Receiver is comfortably worn by your dog on a collar around his neck. It is extremely accurate and operates on inexpensive store bought batteries. The nylon collar is adjustable and should be adjusted to have the quick-snap buckle exactly opposite the receiver. This is the most important part of the Freedom Fence system because it is responsible for giving your dog the warning tone as he approaches your property line. If the dog proceeds, it delivers a mild electrical correction. Once trained, your dog will learn not to attempt to leave your yard.

The Collar Receiver is equipped to automatically increase the level of Stimulation the longer your dog remains in the Stimulation Zone if the collar is set at level 2 or above. The Simulation Levels increase in strength from 1 to 5. The Receiver Indicator Light acts as a low battery indicator, flashing every 4 to 5 seconds when a replacement is required.

Special Features and Benefits

  1. SSC (Signal Sensitive Correction) System Developed with a Distance Concept as opposed to a Time Concept. No time delays between corrections.
  2. Free lifetime training assistance available upon request.
  3. Space Age lightweight computer receiver collar with 360 degree OMNI directional capabilities.
  4. Free upgrades if needed from puppy receiver to adult receiver.
  5. Receiver collar circuitry has built in sleep mode chip to reduce battery usage and greatly increase battery life.
  6. Low battery and broken wire notification.
  7. Transmitter with loop alert and advanced lightning protection, including surge protection.
  8. Next day service in most cases.
  9. Veterinarian approved and recommended.
  10. Manufacturers limited LIFETIME equipment warranty on transmitter, transformer and receiver collars.
  11. Free loaner program available on all warrantee equipment sent in for repair.