Pet Fencing in Westchester County, NY

Are you looking to install pet fencing on your property that effectively stops your pets from running away? If so, Westchester Country’s Freedom Fence is here for you. Create a safe environment with our state-of-the-art pet enclosures that require no physical fencing to keep your beloved pets on your property.

Discover the unmatched durability, advanced technology, and personalized installations that set our pet containment systems apart. Call (203) 948-5367 now to schedule an on-site consultation with the professionals serving Westchester County pet owners since 2013.

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Freedom Fence’s Electric Dog Fences

Pet owners invest in electric dog fences because they want to prevent their pets from fleeing the property. They also want to reap all the security benefits of a physical fence without installing obstructions and eyesores on the property. These are the reasons why we’ve become the most sought-after electric dog fence installation team in the region. Here, we understand the unique needs of pet owners. Our comprehensive approach ensures a worry-free experience, from our initial installation to our ongoing maintenance services.

Our expert installers carefully bury a 14-gauge wire around your property’s perimeter to define your pet’s boundary, using specialized equipment that minimizes disruption to your yard. This careful installation process protects the wire from exterior conditions and ensures the longevity and effectiveness of your pet containment system.

Advanced Wireless Pet Fencing Technology

We invest in cutting-edge technology to guarantee the safety and security of your beloved pets. Our transmitters emit a low-frequency radio-like signal through the buried wire that we install on your property, communicating with your pet’s collar and administering a correction if they stray over the buried fence.

Omni Directional Receiver Collar

Your pet will wear a 360° Omni Directional radio receiver collar that receives signals from the wire when the pet approaches the boundary. This state-of-the-art collar design ensures your pet receives warnings and corrections when necessary, promoting effective training and reinforcement of boundaries.

Professional Training

We make sure that you and your pet both understand the fence boundaries. After we conduct the installation, we’ll ensure you fully understand how to operate and adjust your fencing, so your pet quickly comes to learn their boundaries.

Ongoing Customer Support

Enjoy a lifetime of assistance with low battery notifications, complimentary lightning protection, and access to our free loaner program. Our commitment to customer support extends well beyond the initial installation, providing you with continuous peace of mind and ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of your invisible fencing.

Choose the Layout of Your Dog Fence

We’ll let you determine the appropriate layout for your dog fence because we know that no two properties are alike.

Do you want your wireless electric dog fence to follow the perimeter of the property? Do you want an additional protective loop around a swimming pool or a backyard garden? Whatever you need, we can provide!

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